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The article above is about startup activity gaining momentum for the first time since the most recent recession.  With information backed by the Kauffman Foundation, they were able to prove this point.  Arnobio Morelix, a research analyst at the Kauffman Foundation shares his input within the article.  Click “READ MORE” to find out more information on the matter.  This article comes from


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Arnobio Morelix works for the Kauffman Foundation located in Kansas City, Missouri.  Here he published an article on the insights from the fastest growing companies in America.  Morelix tackles many topics such as venture capital not being a pre-requisite and using mentors located in your area.  For more information on the article he wrote, click “Read More” above.



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Arnobio Morelix is quoted in a Washington Post article written by J.D. Harrison.  Here J.D. discusses how entrepreneurs don’t always necessarily need a venture capitalist or angel investor in order to get their business idea going.  Harrison takes a look at what the Morelix and the Kauffman Foundation have done in a recent study.  You can see some of the information found online at