The following are testimonials of colleagues, supervisors, and professors of Arnobio Morelix:


Wally Meyer, MBA

“Multiple semesters and projects with Arnobio have evidenced his extraordinary entrepreneurial characteristics, among those being: highly creative, strong work ethic and excellent team leadership qualities.”

– Wally Meyer


Howard Ford Sypher

“Arnobio Morelix continues to set the standard for social entrepreneurship and bridging the cultural divide.”

– Howard Ford Sypher


Jana Fitchett

“Arnobio Morelix is one of the highest achieving students I have had the privilege to know. He is hard working, dependable and has outstanding rapport with fellow students and faculty. Arnobio always goes above and beyond, whether in class assignments or outside activities and is a strong leader on campus. You’ll never see Arnobio without a smile on his face and a positive outlook on every situation!”

– Jana Fitchett


Chris Anderson, PhD

“Arnobio Morelix has been my student assistant for the past two years, and he’s been exceedingly helpful in a variety of academic research projects involving financial markets and real estate. Meanwhile, he’s been amazingly active as a journalist , a student leader, a social entrepreneur, and an outstanding cultural ambassador for Brasil. His energy seems boundless, and he always delivers results. If he were a stock I would buy as many shares as I could!”

– Prof. Chris Anderson